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My name is Francesco Munari, I am 26 years old and I have recently graduated from the University of Sheffield with a bachelor’s degree in journalism studies. I am currently based in Genoa, Italy, and I am fluent in both English and French.

Three years of studying and practicing the journalist profession have given me the skills to work on all aspects of media production by myself.
This includes finding a story, writing it, filming it, editing and taking care of its layout, either print or online. Rigorous teaching made sure I always delivered accurate and clear journalism on time.

I am looking for a job in the journalism and communications sphere that would allow me to put my knowledge about basketball, street-art or hip-hop to the test.
Travelling for work would be an opportunity for me, not a problem. 

My Collaborations

Shef News Website

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I have been a reporter and occasionally the newsroom editor for the University of Sheffield, Journalism department news website.

PHL Sports Nation

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I have joined the Philadelphia based sports blog for a year, providing updates and analysis on the local NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Around the Game

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I am a member of the storytelling section of Around the Game (ITA), writing articles on the ins and outs of the NBA basketball world.

Motive Magazine

Now offline but you can read one of the articles by clicking on the image

I have been a part of the Motive Magazine team, a web-magazine brand that covers hip-hop music from an international perspective.

Wall:out Magazine

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I am reporting on the cultural landscape of the city of Genoa with interviews and features on local arts projects.

My final Graduation project: a web-documentary

Street Art is a big passion of mine and I had the chance to work on a web-documentary diving into the Sheffield street art scene. From pitch to production, I individually took care of every step in this project, but I couldn’t have done it without the kindness of those who offered themselves to be on film and the advice I was given from my personal tutor during the realisation process. Click on the image above to visit the presentation

Hobby: Moe, Mec & Stone

I have been the translator of the web-based daily comicstrip, “Moe, Mec & Stone” for 4 full years. Written by Gian Luca Munari and drawn by professional illustrator and comic artist Marco Forcelloni, the project was put on hold when it reached 1461 strips in 1461 days, uninterrupted! Click on the pictures above to learn more


Ricky Wegryn, Founder at Wegryn Enterprises

In his time with Philadelphia Sports Nation, Francesco consistently provided the site with thought-provoking pieces that garnered site views in the thousands on a regular basis. Along with his excellent work ethic and commitment to the Sixers Nation section of Philadelphia Sports Nation, Francesco was delightful to get to know and became one of the most reliable pieces of the site’s Philadelphia 76ers coverage up until his departure.

Jeni Harvey, PR and Communications manager at Sheffield City Region

Francesco worked with me at Sheffield City Region to deliver media training to some of our board members. His role was to be a mock interviewer, which involved him researching our organisation and the board members’ backgrounds, and then carrying out the interviews on camera. He performed this task with diligence and professionalism, and impressed us all with his enthusiastic, can-do attitude.

Jonas Worth, coach, performance analyst, mental trainer and DEI facilitator

Francesco is truly an anomaly in the sport of basketball: a multilingual, well-educated and passionate journalist who loves the game from the grassroots level to the top! His talent is connecting people of all backgrounds and using their common love of the game to bring new fans to the basketball experience. The game of basketball has never been more international and I am certain he will be leader in sharing the game’s accessibility and impact on all types of fans on every continent.

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